Every swimming pool eventually develops a leak!

The problem with a leaking swimming pool is that unless the problem is in an obvious place. ie. on the swimming pool pump, swimming pool filter or above ground on the pool pipes, it can be quite tricky to locate & repair the leak.

In the end, it all comes down to experience & that is where we'd like to help you. 

Common Areas for Pool Leaks to Occur:

  • swimming pool light fittings / fixtures
  • skimmer box (also known as the pool weir)
  • swimming pool return fitting - either a standard aimflo / aimflow or spa jets
  • water feature - letter box water features, rock features, water spouts,
  • pool surface area - fibreglass lining or marbelite / marble plaster - normally due to age / wear & tear or poor workmanship.
  • cracks on swimmng pool mosaic tile line - called expansion crack - normally due to lack of or insufficient expansion joint on installation of the swimming pool surround paving & pool coping.
  • worn & damaged O-rings & seals on the swimming pool filter or swimming pool pump
  • wagon wheel gasket - this gasket / seal is situated on the multiport valve of the swimming pool filter & when old & worn, it often allows water to escape through to the backwash or waste section of the valve thus the swimming pool loses water.
  • pool pump lid - the O-ring situated on the lid of the swimming pool pump may, when worn, cause a bit of water loss on the swimming pool.
  • rimflow pools - rimflow pools, if not designed properly can be problamatic from time to time. A number of things could cause a swimming pool to loose water over the rimflow section of a swimming pool.
  • solar heating - solar panels not fixed securely to the roof of your house may move & sag when full of water & also blow up & down in the wind when empty. This can cause pipes to crack, fittings/ joints to pull loose etc - therefore causing a water leak.

Bermuda Pool Services has the knowledge & practical skills necessary to be able to locate & repair just about any type of swimming pool leak whether it be in your swimming pool's pipe work, swimming pool equipment - such as on your pool pump, pool filter, salt water chlorinator, heat pump, solar heating or be it due to worn or old pump & filter seals, pump and filter gaskets, faulty or damaged o-ring, swimming pool structure or on a water feature or rim-flow swimming pool.

Leave it up to us to detect & repair the leak on your swimming pool!